Swan Natural Spring Water 75cl x 12 (Pack)

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Bottled Water is basically classified as treated water and natural spring water. Spring water is nature’s gift to mankind. Swan Natural Spring Water Is the pioneer bottled water in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

  • Swan Natural Spring water is sourced from the natural Spring of Kerang hills, situated in the highlands of Mangu LGA of Plateau
  • The water passes through countless intricate cavities absorbing wholesome minerals in its way.
  • Swan Natural Spring water does not undergo any form of chemical treatment whatsoever.
  • After filtration the water passes through ultra violet light to destroy all the nuclei of microorganisms if present.
  • It has several mineral such as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Bicarbonate, Potassium and other essential minerals in their natural form and in the right balance suitable for human consumption.
  • At a slightly alkaline pH of 7.3, Swan water helps to maintain the body system in the best state that supports wellness
  • It is a crystal clear, tasteless, odourless and perfectly pure.

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