Star Radler Citrus Carton x 24

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Star Radler Can is a very refreshing new beer off the stables of Nigerian Breweries. It is a much lighter version of the original Star Lager Beer first rolled off its bottling lines in its Lagos brewery of the company in 1949. World over in recent times, radler beers seem to be getting a lot of attention since its recipe took roots in Germany years ago, as it seems to be a soft landing for entry level drinkers of beer. It is a simple blend of beer and fruits juices which produces the rich taste of beer as well as a fruity delight. With a uniquely fused great tasting blend of pure citrus juice (orange and lemon); Star Radler Can is brewed naturally with only 2% alcoholic content to give it a double dose of refreshment. This beer has been packaged to provide refreshment, thirst quenching and very tasteful benefits to the drinker, with gold, yellow, blue and silver colours on the body of the can.

Star Radler Can was officially rolled out in June 2015 by Nigerian breweries and has since being a beer on high demand by customers all over Nigeria because of its richly satisfying taste. It is often termed the ‰Û÷hottest beer in Nigeria at the moment‰Ûª and nkataa provides these delightful beers in both single cans and a carton of 24 pieces. Pocket friendly and refreshingly delightful, Star Radler can be enjoyed with a meal, snack or just as a drink, either on a picnic with friends and family, or just cooling off somewhere after a hard day at the work or at the office. It can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or stacked up in the fridge for when you have visitors over.

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