Chivita 100% Apple Juice 1L

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Chivita Apple is a refreshing juice drink that is fit for the whole family. When served chilled the family enjoys the rich taste of fresh red grapes without added sugar, Chivita juice is a must-have when it comes to your important occasions such as parties and picnics. Chi Limited, a popular consumer brand in Nigeria, commits herself to manufacturing Chivita juices for the pleasure and satisfaction of consumers. Chivita juice comes in different types and flavours. Looking for the best way to make your event come alive? Then there’s no need for you to look forward. These juices are made with natural fruits and extracts and this makes them easy to consume, even more than carbonated drinks. They are really tasty and have the lowest amount of sugar, making them appropriate for specific types of people like old-aged persons, children, and diabetic patients. With Chivita, you can be assured of maximum quality satisfaction.

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