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Nestle Pure Life Table Water (60cl x 20) Carton

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Water, we all know what this is. It is unarguably the most consumed liquid in the world. Water is a transparent chemical substance made from oxygen and hydrogen molecules. It is the main constituent of the earth. Although water is in abundance all over the world, clean and potable drinking water is not so much in abundance. Nestle pure life table water is sourced from well or municipal supplies after which it is put through a 12- step quality process. The water is carefully collected after which it goes through carbon filtration. Here chlorine and other chemicals are filtered out. The water is demineralized and stored in storage tanks. To give that refreshing taste, the minerals are added to the water and is passed through a small sieve -sized filters. Bacteria are destroyed with ultra violent rays or sometimes ozone gas before the bottling & labeling process begins. Before this process is repeated again, the machines are cleaned and sterilized. The water has proven to meet the standards for bottled water. When you drink Nestle Pure Life table water you'll enjoy the crisp and clean taste of water. Apart from enjoying the refreshing taste of water, water is also good for the body as it detoxifies. Leaving us with clearer skin and a cleansed system.

At Nkataa, you can buy the Nestle Pure Life Table water (60cl x 20) carton. Because of how refreshing it is, it's perfect for our Nigerian weather. Imagine how satisfied, refreshed and filled you'll be when you drink this water after a long day. Like they say, there's no drink as satisfying as water; it's the perfect thirst quencher. Nestle Pure life table water is one of the purest brands and is even recommended by doctors for infant consumption. Order your cartons of water now and we'll deliver to you anywhere in Abuja. Remember, life is simple, just drink water.

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