Ribena Concentrate (1L)

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Ribena Concentrate (1 Litre) is the most famous blackcurrant brand in the world. This brand has maintained its reputation for over half a century. Ribena started off as a healthy fruit drink for kids that was rich in Vitamin C and later developed to a general blackcurrant carbonated and uncarbonated drink concentrate. Made with British blackcurrants that were hand picked when they ripened naturally, this very tasty berries are the main secret behind the drinks unique and refreshing taste. From one generation to the next, families have continued to enjoy the refreshing taste of Ribena. Ribena does not contain any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, what you get is real fresh blackcurrant and nothing else. This particular Ribena bottle is known as concentrate. This simply means that it is at its purest form and shouldn't be taken without diluting first. Remember to add enough water if you are mixing for toddlers and kids.

Ribena concentrate helps keep the body active, as long as you are eating healthy, Ribena is the perfect combination to go with all your meals. This particular package for the Ribena is 100% plastic that is fully recyclable, this is important as it plays a major role in keeping the environment healthy. A bottle of is made up of water, sugar, blackcurrant juice from concentrate (23%), acid (citric acid), vitamin c, preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium bisulphite), colour (anthocyanins). To fully enjoy your Ribena concentrate, here's a brief direction on how to use. Simply dilute 1 part (50 ml) of Ribena concentrate with at least 4 parts water to give a 250ml serving. This should be enough to serve 12 people. Once a bottle of Ribena Concentrate has been opened, ensure you store in the fridge and finish drinking within 21 days.

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