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Carrots! If you grew up watching bugs bunny then you must have fallen in love with carrots growing up. Carrots are root vegetables often orange in colour although other varieties exist which could be purple, white, yellow or red. These species are not commonly found in this part of the world. The orange carrot we have gets its orange colour due to its high B- carotene content which contains vitamin A. Carrots are also rich in Vitamin K. A combination of all these power nutrients makes carrot good for eyesight and a more healthier skin. The reason why carrot is a major ingredient in most beauty products. Carrots can be eaten in several ways. Raw, cooked, fried, baked and even blended in smoothies. Because we care, let's give you some inside gist. Although carrots are rich in B-Carotene, only 3 percent is released during digestion. To increase this by 39 percent, try pulping, cooking, chopping, boiling, frying and steaming it. This will extract the nutrients way better. Hey, mummies reading this! Carrots are great teethers for babies, they will enjoy sucking on it. Ensure it's a large chunk so they don't swallow it.

Nkataa has fresh hand picked carrots, cleaned and cut just for your use. They are properly packaged and can be easily stored in the fridge ready for whenever you choose to make use of it. Our Nkataa fresh carrots will make cooking easier and faster because they are already cleaned. Want to make salad or dice for rice or any other meal? No need to go through the hassle of cleaning, we've done that for you. We really do want to make life easier for you. We have also got other carrot products such as carrot cakes, frozen vegetables etc in store for you.

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