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  • Save 21%
Ripe Plantain (Portion)
1,900 1,500
  • Save 20%
Tomatoes (Portion) 1kg
1,000 800
  • Save 20%
Hot Pepper (Portion) 500g
1,000 800
Okra (Portion)
tatashe pepper
  • Save 50%
Tatashe (Portion)
1,100 550
  • Save 26%
Carrot (400g)
950 700
  • Save 17%
Cucumber (Portion)
900 750
  • Save 17%
Watermelon (3kg)
1,200 1,000
  • Save 29%
1,200 850
sweet potato
  • Save 13%
Sweet Potato (Basket) 5kg
1,600 1,400
Cabbage (Bunch)
  • Save 18%
Ginger (Portion)
850 700
  • Save 6%
Irish Potatoes (Basket) 5kg
3,500 3,300
ice titus fish
  • Save 8%
Ice Titus Fish
1,200 1,100
  • Save 9%
Onions (Half Basket) 2.5kg
1,650 1,500
  • Save 8%
Lettuce (Bunch)
600 550
spinach (efo)
  • Save 17%
Nigerian Spinach (Efo)
600 500
  • Save 34%
Blended Egusi Mudu (500g)
3,050 2,000
  • Save 7%
Green Beans (Portion)
750 700

Buy Naija Made Goods Online

Buy Naija is a section specially designated to all the very hard working and industrious Nigerian companies and creators. You would discover that every single product on this page was made by a Nigerian, in Nigeria and for Nigerians and the whole world. Every product is has been tested and proven to supersede the expected world standards. We always talk about growing our currency and supporting our own, but how many times have you personally purchased something that was made by a Nigerian. Some of best products we've come across were made right here in this country. You know all those amazing snacks and items you see on the streets daily? These super creative vendors took these ordinary items and made them extraordinary. A few of these items include scented jar candles and ankara decorated note books; a couple of foods under this category are Tiger nut milk (Kunu aya), Igbemo Ofada rice, Nellies zobo jam, Yaji, kilishi, popcorn, pap, yoghurt, garri (both ijebu and yellow) and simply green juices.

Buy Naija To Grow The Naira Products on Nkataa

Buy Naija products have made it here due to merit, so you can be guaranteed that every product here is definitely going to last, fulfill and impress. To give you an option to pick from, Nkataa has two very different but equally superb brands of kilishi -- O&B and Golnar. If you haven't tried any before, take my word for it. Order a pack or more of both and let your taste buds take you on an amazing rainbow food filled orgasm. Bubez pap is another incredibly amazing products. It is like your regular akamu only more improved. Bubez pap is available in over 10 different flavors just right for you to pick from. The most astounding thing is that Bubez pap is also safe for consumption for babies . Buy products from Buy Naija section on Nkataa and help grow the Naira. The prices are the best you will get anywhere in Abuja - Nigeria.