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Jik Bleach by Reckitt Benkiser is a specially formulated household chemical compound that is designed leave your clothes looking extra white and extra bright. It is also used to remove stubborn stains from your white or colorfast clothes, cups, mugs and other household items and surfaces which can fall victim to these stains. As well as a disinfectant to kill germs and keep loved ones and our environment healthy and germ free. Thick bleach and thin bleach are the two types of Jik Bleach. The thin bleach product group is used for clothing and indoor or household cleaning. The product group comprises of Regular, Pot Pourri, Perfumed and Lemon fresh. The ‰Regular‰ type is the only bleach product in the category without a scent or perfume, while the Pot Pourri, Lemon and Perfume are guaranteed to leave a noteworthy scent on every and anything they are used on. Brilliant white is the choice Thick bleach that will give your clothes quality whitening and act against gradual greying on white articles of clothing.

Jik Bleach can be used for whitening and brightening: For this mix in cup of Jik bleach with ten litres of water. Soak white and colorfast clothing for 10 ‰to 15 minutes. Rinse afterwards and then proceed to wash with any detergent of your choice. Colour fast test: colourfast fabric refers to coloured clothing which will not run or fade when washed with bleach. To determine whether a piece of clothing is colourfast, add single teaspoon (5ml) of Jik bleach to half a cup of water (125ml) then proceed to apply on a hidden part of the clothing and leave for one minute if the colour doesn‰'t change, then it is colourfast. Stain removal: mix cup of jik with 5 litres of water, then soak stained clothes for 5-15 minutes depending on the intensity of the stain. Then rinse and proceed to wash with detergent. Disinfection and Germ killing: pour half a cup (125ml) of jik into the toilet bowl, down drains and plughole. Rinse after 10 minutes and do not mix or use alongside any other toilet or household cleaner. To disinfect surfaces, mix cup of jik with 5 litres of water and wipe. Rinse afterwards with clean water.

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