Peak 123 Refill Pack (400g)

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Peak 123 Refill Pack (400g) is the special kind of milk that is essential and supports the growth of toddlers. This powdered milk produced by Peak is one of the most effective milks out there right now. Just like the name says, it is recommended for children from age 1-3. This 400g pack comes in a refill sachet, this makes it very economic friendly and easy to open. Children from age 1-3 are in their formative years and require all the nutrients and energy they can get. With this in mind, Peak milk came up with this special milk formula to ensure that parents do not worry about the wellbeing of their children as they get older. Thoroughly researched and proven to assist in proper brain development and good memory, you can relax knowing that the first 3 years of your child's brain are insured.

Peak 123 Refill Pack (400g) is filled with tons of nutrients that aids mental attentiveness and visual development, we all know how important a good eyesight is to everyone; especially kids. The health and development of your child is in your hands, what are you going to do about it. There are some things in life that need to be developed from a tender age, failure to do this early and it would be too late later in life. Peak 123 powdered milk is essential for the development of strong bones, thanks to the rich supply of calcium available. For a strong immune system and high energy levels in children, they must have meals rich minerals and vitamins, that's exactly what this milk formula is stocked with. You are guaranteed a very high standard of purity and excellence when you purchase this milk. It is refreshing, nourishing and extremely versatile.

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