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The Hottest Deals

  • Save 4%
Grilled Chicken (Sauteed)
1,250 1,200
  • Save 14%
Ofada Rice & Stew
2,500 2,150
  • Save 32%
Vegetable Soup
1,030 700
  • Save 19%
Moin - Moin
370 300
  • Save 10%
CWAY Dispenser Water
750 675
  • Save 3%
Flemish Sparkling Red Grape Juice 750ml
1,840 1,790
bottle water
  • Save 5%
Nestle Pure Life Table Water (60cl x 20) C...
1,475 1,400
  • Save 12%
Agor Red Wine 75cl
2,890 2,530
Gala Mega
  • Save 8%
Smoked Titus Fish
720 660
  • Save 27%
Refuse Sack Bag
670 490
  • Save 3%
Oreo Original Cookies Roll 137g
796 774
  • Save 5%
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chopped Nut 95g
1,093 1,038
  • Save 10%
Familia Toilet Tissue 2in1 (Classic)
400 360
  • Save 14%
Morning Fresh Original (1000ml)
1,050 899
Hot Deals on Meals
grilled chicken
  • Save 19%
Grilled Chicken
1,235 1,000
  • Save 67%
Peppered Goat Meat
1,530 500

Special Banger Deals

grilled chicken
  • Save 19%
Grilled Chicken
1,235 1,000
  • Save 67%
Peppered Goat Meat
1,530 500
  • Save 33%
Fried Plantain (Diced)
450 300
party jollof rice
  • Save 19%
Party Jollof Rice
1,235 1,000
  • Save 13%
Nkataa Special Fried Rice [Available Until...
1,500 1,300

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Nkataa is number one (1) when it comes to deals and the most mouth-watering giveaways. Offering its service to everyone in Abuja, your order gets to you wherever you are in the nation’s capital. Your office, a friend’s place, at home or even at the hospital, Nkataa will deliver your products to you for as little as nothing. International makeup products, frozen foods, back to school stationery items, drinks and everyday household items are right here at your disposal; not to forget baby products, pet food and much more. Now you can enjoy the fast rate of online shopping, the convenience and hassle free of fast delivery and the value of original groceries can be yours from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in Abuja.