Time Savers

  • Save 25%
Tomatoes (Portion) 1kg
1,000 750
  • Save 15%
Hot Pepper (Portion) 500g
1,000 850
tatashe pepper
  • Save 24%
Tatashe (Small Portion)
1,050 800
  • Save 11%
Ginger (Portion)
450 400
Frozen Egusi Soup 1L
  • Save 19%
Gino Tinned Tomatoes (210g)
400 325
  • Save 11%
Frozen Stew
4,500 4,000
  • Save 13%
TRS Plum Peeled Tin Tomatoes 400g
400 350
  • Save 10%
Gino Tinned Tomatoes 400g
500 450
  • Save 17%
Rodo Zobo Mix 115g
600 500
  • Save 42%
Bubez Pap Yellow Corn
1,200 700
  • Save 4%
Mamadoc Puff Puff Mix 700g
1,200 1,150
  • Save 4%
Trio Baked Beans 400g
457 439
  • Save 14%
Easy Beans - Bean Flour 1kg
1,150 990
  • Save 6%
Mrs O Sweet Potato Flour (1kg)
1,700 1,600
  • Save 17%
Naturali Bean Puree 2Ltrs
3,000 2,500
  • Save 5%
Mamadoc Pancake Mix 1kg
2,000 1,901

Save Time With Our Time Savers!

Like they say, time is money and time is precious, why not save time by shopping time saver products online. Let’s be honest, sometimes it's pretty exhausting preparing to make a meal after a long market day. Sometimes you could just be tired from work or the hunger is just really terrible and all you want to do is eat. Time savers were created specially to ease this stressful process. It includes products like blended tomatoes, pancake mix, fresh tomatoes, frozen soups and loads more. All these can be delivered in no time to you wherever you are in Abuja.

Save Time Online with Nkataa

We do not only have Quick Meal and Fresh Foods, we have Time savers too! Imagine already having spaghetti paste ready, blended tomatoes and pepper or even cooked Basmati Rice. Isn’t that awesome? What if we told you we have a solution for those that always forget to bring out the chicken from the freezer? Yes, you can shop marinated chicken laps, stir fry and more. No time to prepare that soup, also shop our frozen soups online. The only work your finger would be doing is to switch on the microwave or burner. Save yourself some time with the Nkataa Time savers, We’ll deliver anywhere in Abuja.