Naija Food Section

  • Save 13%
Ice Titus Fish Carton 20kg
27,000 23,500
  • Save 8%
Unripe Plantain (Large Bunch)
2,450 2,250
  • Save 13%
Maggi Chicken 400g x 16 (Carton)
20,000 17,500
  • Save 7%
Local Groundnut Paste (Okw'o Oj'i)
750 700
Wheat (Half Mudu)
  • Save 4%
Ice Titus Fish Carton (Kampala) 20kg
24,000 23,000
Dry Prawns (1 Mudu)
Local/Ofada Rice
Achara (Portion)
Shrimps (1kg)
Akidi (Cup)
  • Save 20%
Unripe Plantain (Small Bunch)
1,500 1,200
  • Save 6%
Mrs O Sweet Potato Flour (1kg)
1,700 1,600
Okpehi (Portion)
  • Save 24%
Maggi Crayfish Seasoning Powder 450g
850 650

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