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Laundry is one thing we all dread because of how difficult it proves to be sometimes. But the real problem isn't the difficulty but the fact that you are using the wrong products and seems like you are doing a lot of scrubbing but the stains remain. So let me ask you a question, what weapons do you have in your laundry arsenal? It is very important that you have right and best quality products to ensure that your laundry is fast, easy and effective. To help you do that, Nkataa has stocked up on the essentials products that every home should have. Laundry detergent and clothes softener - what you should have at the back of your mind when buying detergent is to decide what process you want to follow; pre-treat, soak or wash directly. Depending on if you want to hand wash or use a washing machine, you can opt for Persil hand wash detergents or washing machine powder.

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Laundry duties are not so serious when you shop on Nkataa. Say good bye to tough stains and smelly cloths because we bring to you a wide variety of the best laundry detergents, soaps and spray starch. Your kids can play all they want and you do not have to worry about how their cloths would look afterwards because here at Nkataa we got you covered with the best laundry detergents. So if you are worried about that oil stain or mud stain on your favorite shirt or dress, start adding from our laundry category and have your detergents delivered right at your doorstep. Many of our laundry detergents are washing machine friendly so if you own a washing machine simply start ordering and forget about those long super market queues. For the a life of effortless laundry duties, buy all your laundry items on Nkataa for the best price anywhere in Abuja - Nigeria.

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Hypo Bleach 500ml
280.00 250.00
Ariel Detergent (1kg)
Sunlight 2 in 1 Spring Sensations 900g
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Sunlight 2 in 1 Spring Sensations 900g (Ye...
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Sunlight 2 in 1 Tropical Sensations 900g
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Sunlight 2in1 Tropical Sensations 900g (Pink)
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B 29 Multipurpose Soap
OMO Multiactive 900g
Hypo Super Bleach 1 Litre
Canoe Extra Care Soap 140g
Ariel (500g)
Persil Non Bio 23 Wash (1.61kg)
Out of stock
Omo Fast Action 2kg
Persil Bio 23 Wash (1.61kg)
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Ariel (500g) x 12
Ariel Detergent (90g) Bag