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Food storage is really the thin line between hot food and cold food. If you’ve been searching for a solution to your food going cold, sour or contaminated, we have gotten an answer for you. These various food holders are actually a must-have for in the kitchen. Suitable for multitude of uses, I can bet you would start wondering why you never bought any of these a long time ago. In this section, we offer the choice of picking between plastic and foil paper food containers. Coming in packs of 5 and 10, this particular food holders are big enough to package whatever meal you have prepared in that kitchen. Are you trying to pack some breakfast or lunch to the office? Package sandwiches for the kids while going to school? Save the leftovers from dinner? Or simply to store food in the fridge. I could go on forever about how useful these storage containers are, but it is obvious you already get my point.

Food Storage Accessories On Nkataa

Food storage also require other items apart from food containers. Nkataa also offers you the opportunity to buy plastic bowls and plates, cling film and foil roasting pans and trays. These plastic bowls and plates are disposable and very affordable. You don’t have to go all out your kids birthday party anymore, save up some money by buying one these. You can also buy cling film and foil paper right here. These two items are the best way to keep food warm and away from contamination. They can also be used wrap and store food items before being placed in the fridge. Cakes, meat and tons of other foods can be stored with cling film and foil paper. They are all very affordable, convenient and effective. Buy the best food storage products on Nkataa now for the mouth-watering prices anywhere in Abuja – Nigeria.

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Aluminium Foil Paper (8mm Long)
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Half Pint Tumblers (18pcs)
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Small Plastic Cups (20 Pieces)
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Caroline Pint Tumblers (12pcs)
25 Inch Insulated Plates (40pcs)
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