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Ellington Electric brings to you the newest generation of electrical products that are specifically meant for you and your family. This modern electrical company has totally rebranded the normal brands we are all used to. Comfort is every home is a necessity and Nkataa wants you to enjoy the comfort of your own home. They are essential and they are very affordable to. We have all had that terrible experience when we purchase a wall socket from the market and it blows up or just stops working that same week. Are you tired of having to keep buying energy saving bulbs every week? Well, this definitely puts an end to all that stress and waste of money. You can buy the most dependable set of LED saving bulbs and spotlights. This bulbs are very superior that you can use them for years and not bother about them randomly blowing up or suddenly losing power.

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Nkataa brings you Ellington energy saving bulbs for your homes and offices. These bulbs have been built with the capacity to last longer and shine brighter than the normal everyday bulbs with the option of screw or pin. These premium quality light bulbs do not produce excessive heat unlike other light bulbs which means you can use it comfortably in your bedroom, kitchen and sitting room. Ellington also offers a large range of other products like electrical extension boxes to connect your phones, televisions and others. You can use them anywhere, from your house, office or even shops. Nkataa gives you the option to pick between the 5-way or 6-way extensions; they are just perfect to fulfil your electrical needs. Here at Nkataa online, you can buy your rechargeable standing fan for that fresh air you deserve in your home even when there is no power supply. Buy all Ellington electric products online at Nkataa for the best price in Abuja - Nigeria.

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