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Disinfectants are things that help keep us healthy and away from bacteria and virus infections. They are those very necessary chemicals that without which, our homes and bodies would be a large breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. In a world where diseases are rampant and all contagious, we all need to stay clean and fresh all day. Not just our bodies but also our surroundings. Nkataa cares about your safety and that is why we want you to discover a new level of security and safety with these very effective and top quality disinfectants. What we offer right here, is a guaranteed seal of protection from germs and bacteria of all sorts.

Disinfectants On Nkataa

The disinfectants available on Nkataa include Astonish and English Breeze handwash, Dettol disinfectants, Savlon and lots more. Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant kills well over 150 sickness-causing germs. A house is never complete without these disinfectants. Dettol and Savlon provide a round the clock protection against germs for your entire family and it is highly recommended by medical professionals worldwide. Astonish Handwash also found in this section, comes in various fragrances, each one as effective as the other. This gives you a very large variety to pick from. In other words, not only are you guaranteed protection from bacteria and viruses when you wash your hands, but your hands smell exotic and fresh all day. With the wide spread of diseases, hygiene is very key in our everyday lives. Unseen bacteria in the home are one of the major causes of some diseases. In order to protect the lives of your family members and to maintain a hygienic environment, Nkataa offers you disinfectants that you can choose from and use in your bathing and cleaning. Improve your health by selecting from our medically approved brands and have them delivered to you at your doorstep in Abuja. Buy disinfectants on Nkataa for the best price in Abuja – Nigeria.