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Dishwashing Liquid also known as dishwashing soap, is liquid detergent that is now very common in homes all over the world including Nigeria. These detergents are more foamy than the regular soap and also less likely to cause skin irritation. Now a number one detergent in the kitchen, it is used to wash glasses, plates, cutlery and a lot of other things. Some people even use it to wash clothes. Dishwashing liquid is very economical and last longer. Just 1 small drop or two and you can use that to wash tons of dishes in no time. Liquid detergents like Fairy, Mama Lemon and Morning Fresh can also be used to wash windows and cars. With a great ability to mix perfectly with water, dishwashing liquid can spread faster and easier. Composed of stronger chemicals, this makes this liquid soap more effective in washing plates and cups. Dishwashing liquids like Clean & Fresh work magic on greasy and grimy stains.

Dish washing Products On Nkataa

Dishwashing Liquid is mild with antibacterial agents. Coming with an attractive fragrance, you would not only achieve your aim of washing but also leaves your dishes smelling nice and fresh. Your kitchen says a lot about you as a woman, so ensure your kitchen is always looking clean and stainless. Proper hygiene must be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to plates, pots, pans and cutleries that are used in preparation of meals and for eating. After the meal is over, you need to leave your dishes sparkling just in time for the next meal. At Nkataa, you can pick from a large variety of dishwashing liquids that would leave your plates clean and sparkling. Start selecting your favorite brands now and get them at the best affordable prices anywhere in Nigeria. You are just a click away from dishwashing magic. Order now and get it delivered in the twinkle of an eye.