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Cleaning tools on Nkataa have made it easy for you to do your chores without breaking your back and sweating like you just ran a marathon. Cleaning should be a job you do effortlessly and with a smile across your face, not frowning and dreading every single moment of it. You really don't need to be told to keep your homes, offices and shops clean, it is something you know and should do on your own regularly. At Nkataa, we take neatness very seriously and expect our customers to do the same. That is why we have made it easy for you to just visit this page and pick out the essentials that you need for your home. We have a tool and product for every sort of cleaning you need to do. A few of the must have cleaning solutions (chemicals) we offer on Nkataa include -- anti bacterial cleanser, stainless steel cleanser, tile & mirror cleaner, oven & cookware cleaner, bathroom cleaner and tons of other cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning Tools On Nkataa

Cleaning Tools on Nkataa are meant to help make work easier and that's what they do. You will discover we have a wide range of products that would help to keep your house in shape. A dirty and unkempt house is displeasing to the eyes and irksome, it also does not speak well of its inhabitants. We understand that often times you might struggle with the right set of products needed for keeping your house sparkling that is why we are offering you a good solution. It’s time to turn your house into a beautiful home by selecting from our wide range of antibacterial and quality brands of cleaning products. Simply start adding them to your shopping basket and have them delivered to your doorstep. Buy all the best cleaning tools on Nkataa for the best price in Abuja - Nigeria.

  • Save 3%
Foam Sponge (Pack)
720.00 700.00
  • Save 3%
Jik Bleach (1L)
620.00 600.00
  • Save 6%
Astonish Floor Cleaner Lime & Bergamot 750ml
800.00 750.00
Out of stock
Hand Towels
Shine All Scouring Powder 500g
Windolene (750ml)
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner 750ml
Zip Scouring Powder 500g
Harpic Power Plus Original (450ml)
Out of stock
Mr. Sheen Spring Fresh 300ml
Big Mopping Stick
Packer (Dust Pan)
Metal Sponge (Pack)
Broom (Foreign)
Local Broom Bunch
Toilet Brush