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Air Freshener and Home Fragrances are an integral part to our everyday lives and play a very major role about how we feel in our homes, cars, restrooms and even offices. For that special fragrance and scent, all you have to do scroll down and make your choice. Air Fresheners can come in different states - candles, gels, sprays, oil and plug-ins. The science behind the control of odors involves 5 different processes. Adsorption: these work by adsorb the bad smell in an area. Oxidation: work as oxidizing agents that remove organic materials from the atmosphere. Air sanitizer: this method involves the elimination of airborne bacterial. Soaps and Masking. Nkataa gives you a very large variety of fragrances to pick from. For that special air freshener of great value and that you can place anywhere in your home, you deserve that freshness all day.

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Air Fresheners and Home Fragrances have a special way of delivering a positive vibe to your environment. Believe it or not, the way a place smells plays a very major role in a person's work performance and mood. A place that smells extremely good gives off a happy vibe and the total opposite with a place that stinks. We know everyone has a different choice when it comes to fragrances, that is why we have stocked up on the best quality air fresheners for both your homes and car. Forget what you've heard but an air freshener in your car is a most have. It makes you feel very comfortable and helps you concentrate better when driving. A couple of the products you can get here include -- scented candles (Dach, Korning), car freshener (car pride, ambi-pur, refresh car), room fresh, sachets air freshener, Johnson Glade, Sunshine, Airwick and much more.

Turare Wuta (Incense) (Pack)
Lu Green Toilet Freshner 50g