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Shower Gel is known by many names -- shower cream, body wash; is used to describe liquid-like substances used to wash the body. They are not exactly the same as soap as most of them don't even contain soap. It is actually made up of a blend of water and a detergent based product gotten from petroleum and of course, preferred fragrance. It is preferred by most people as it has certain advantages over using soaps. Nkataa knows exactly what you want and we have stocked up on the best shower gel products, to ensure you get pampered every time you take a shower. Body wash is now something you see in every home and you can't really question why, the benefits are endless. Shower gels are composed of a more persuasive formula comprising of vitamins, fragrances and essential body oils. Now you can pick from a large variety. Shower gels are safer, it's hard to get it contaminated. We all know that irritating feeling when you are about to take a shower and discover a strand of hair on the soap; ewww.

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Shower Gel keeps you smelling and feeling good. Washing and rinsing off has never been easier. This means you spend less time in the shower but retain that freshness. Another great advantage of shower gels is that it is less irritating to the skin, forms better in hard water and does not leave that annoying stain residue on the skin or in the bathtub after use. We have liquid bathing soaps and shower gels for both male and female at very affordable rate. Some of the brands we have available are Sebamed fresh shower, gentle scrub, shower oil, spa shower, dove Talco shower cream, pears shower cream, Radox shower gels and more. So get off to a great start by selecting from our wide range of shower gel options and have them delivered to you for your own convenience.

Radox Uplifting Shower Gel 250ml
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Radox Relax Shower Gel 250ml
Tracia Goat's Milk 1000ml
Fresh Shower 200ml
Palmolive Milk & Honey 250ml
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Sebamed Cleansing Shower Oil
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Spa Shower 200ml
Shea Origin Body Wash (500ml)
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Body Shop Mango Shower Gel 250ml