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Skin Care should be more like life care. You skin is the largest organ on that sexy body of yours, so if you don't take care of it, who will? Most of the time, we take our bodies for granted. It is very sad when we see people worrying about their size and heartbreaks, when you should be more concerned about your skin. At Nkataa we have a saying, take care of your skin and every other part of your body would follow. Dermatologist have recommended that everybody's skin needs a little TLC (Tender Love & Care) to stay healthy and fresh. Here at Nkataa, we advice our customers to come up with their own personal skin care routine that works for them. There are tons of external factors that can directly affect our skin -- the environment, health, nutrition and lots more.

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Skin Care treatment depends on what kind of skin you have. Dry, sensitive or normal; it really doesn't matter because we have products for all kind of skins. It is never too late to discover that skin glow you have missed so much, all it takes is for you to explore these products we have on display. Restore your radiance by selecting from our wide range of skin care products. Nkataa has a variety of skin care products that you can take advantage of at very affordable rates. Our skin care products range from shower gels, bar soaps, hand washes, facial care products, to moisturizers, oils & jelly and some of our most trusted brands in the world, like Vaseline, Neutrogena, Sebamed, Dove, Pears, Radox, Lux, Lifebuoy, Palmolive and many more. Start thinking about how beaming your skin deserves to be and start adding these items into your shopping basket and have them delivered at your doorstep in no time. Buy Skincare products on Nkataa for the best price in Abuja - Nigeria.

Dudu Osun
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Dove Beauty Cream Bar 4x100g
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Pears Transparent Soap 125g
Diamond Liquid Soap 4L
Radox Uplifting Shower Gel 250ml
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Dove Silky Body Cream
Simple Soap Twin Pack 125g
Vaseline Blueseal 250ml
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Dove Beauty Cream Bar (100g)
375.00 350.00