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Shaving & Hair Removal is more serious than most people realize. If you want that fresh smooth look, you need to purchase the right products and use them the right way. Are you planning on going to the beach or the pool? Well you have to look spotless and hairless. Embark on this journey with Nkataa and we will show you what you have been doing wrong and what you have to do right. There are a lot of hair removal methods, but each one depends on the level of the hair to be removed, what part of the body needs hair removal and how sensitive the body is. Your unwanted hair might be your upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, fingers or even toes. The most common and effective ways of shaving are by using a shaving stick (Gillette Blue ll Razors) or shaving cream (veet).

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Shaving with a shaving stick and Shaving cream has tons of advantages. Shaving sticks are very affordable but requires constant use. If you decide to use a shaving shaving stick, you would have to shave again in about 3-5 days. For all men out there, Nkataa has very sharp and manly aftershave colognes that keep you sharp and fresh. They are specially designed to stop the development of shaving bumps and prevents other germs and skin irritations. Using a shaving cream like Veet hair removal is also highly recommended. Using Veet hair removal ensures you do not get any burns or irritating skin discoloration. This comes in 3 different variations -- dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. It is easy to use and very effective too. Whatever you preference is, you can be sure that we at Nkataa have it in stock waiting for you. Buy Shaving & Hair Removal products on Nkataa for the best price in Abuja – Nigeria.