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Sebamed Products have been serving skincare needs for over 20 years and has established itself as one of the biggest brands in the business. The entire range of sebamed products are rich in very high and effective active chemicals that thoroughly cleanse and deeply nourish your amazing skin. Over 100 different scientific research conducted have proven that this sebamed skin products are 100% effective and gentle on the skin. Every single sebamed skin care product has been strictly devised to the best PH factor necessary for your skin. It has the ability to shield your skin from all environmental stress. Any other level of PH below or above that is commonly found in regular soaps is prone to leave your skin unhealthy, causing skin deterioration.

Sebamed Skin Care Products On Nkataa

Sebamed is the answer for both you and your baby. There is a particular product for whatever skin condition you are experiencing right now. From irritating dry and itchy skin to those chronic stretch marks and eczema. This products are safe for use by anyone; it is soap free, gluten free, and biodegradable. You can now restore that natural moisture and protect yourself from all harmful pollution and germs out there. Sebamed also wants you to age beautifully, that is why Nkataa also stocks up on body lotions that help you age gracefully. You can now have the skin of a 20 year old while you are actually turning 50. The super high quality and beauty brand that has been in the market for quite a number of years is your best bet. Their products range from bathing soaps, creams, shampoos, oils, baby products, lotions, roll-ons, toners and more. Nkataa offers you a number of products at the best affordable prices. It’s time for you to start paying more attention to your body and its hygiene. Buy Sebamed products on Nkataa for the best price anywhere in Abuja - Nigeria.

Fresh Shower 200ml
Feminine intimate wash 200ml
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Moisturizing Cream 75ml
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Sebamed Cleansing Shower Oil
1,500.00 1,000.00
  • Save 25%
Sebamed Deodorant Spray Fresh
2,000.00 1,500.00
Spa Shower 200ml
Olive Face and Body Wash
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Anti-ageing lotion 200ml
3,471.00 3,000.00
Deodorant Spray Blossom
After Sun Lotion 150ml
Anti-swelling Hand Balm 100ml