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Eye makeup is what really decides the your facial makeup looks. They say the eyes is what defines a person and this is exactly the same case with makeup. The makeup you apply on and around your eyes is what determines how natural or dramatic you look when you step out of the house. Are you worried that your eye makeup skills aren't where they are suppose to be, Nkataa is here to put you through. Right here you discover the eye makeup bestselling products and brand. The large variety gives you the option to pick among a fleet of top rated products. From the mascara to the eyeliner. Here on Nkataa, we are totally stocked up on all the essential eye makeup products and accessories. Eye shadow, kajal, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow palette, age fighting eye cream, eye primer, eyebrow definer, gel & liquid liner and tons of other eye products.

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Some ladies have issues on what should go before what while applying their makeup. If you follow the right procedure, you are sure to get that flawless look every women dreams of. To start off, ensure you wash your face with a cleanser to remove any residual makeup around the eyes. Next, we advise you apply primer to your eyelids. This will effectively smooth out the skin and makes the makeup stick. Applying a concealer next will help even the tone around the eyelids. The next advised step is to apply your eye shadow; one color or various ones, doesn't really matter. Now you can perfectly blend the colors of the various eye shadow colors. You can use your fingers or a fluffy brush. The look is almost complete now, just a little patience. Your eyeliner comes next. It doesn't matter if it's liquid eye liner or a pencil, just move upwards towards your upper lash with slow controlled strokes. The final part is to apply your mascara. Follow this procedure and see how your looks will get heads turning left and right. Buy eye makeup products on Nkataa for the best price anywhere in Abuja - Nigeria.