First Aid

Where To Buy First Aid Kits Online in Abuja

First Aid is a very essential kit, no matter where you live. No matter how careful you think you are, you are bound to need the essentials to treat cuts and other injuries. All the basic first aid materials can be acquired right here from this section. There is really nothing difficulty in making a first aid kit by yourself. All you have to do is purchase the essentials right here and the rest is pretty straight forward. We know you hate to hear this, but accidents are bound to happen. What you do or how you handle the situation is the real question to Ask. Something as little as a mosquito bite can be serious, depending on how you handle it. If you critically look at the items here, you will see we have available items like Glucose, cotton wool, plaster, ankle bands, surgical gloves, mentholated spirit, bandages and lots more.

Buy First Aid Kits On Nkataa

First Aid is very important and can’t be overemphasized. The benefits are numerous and necessary. Having the right first aid tools ensures that you can handle emergency situations when the need arises. If an accident happens and you have the right set of first aid materials, you can easily ease the tension long enough before the person can be transferred to a clinic or till a professional arrives the scene. First aid tools are very essential in a home that has kids. We all know how playful kids can get, the injuries and cuts while running around. If you are fully prepared with these equipment here, you can easily handle the situation. If you intend to take you child to the hospital every time they fall and cut themselves, you are bound to go crazy soon. First aid takes care of all those problems. Buy first aid materials from this section on Nkataa for the best prices in Abuja – Nigeria.

Surgical Gloves
Moko Mentholated Spirit 200ml
Neogloves Medium
Moko Gentian Violet
Betadine Gel
Clarityn 7 (Tablets)
NCP 200ml
​NCP 100ml
Moko Iodine 15ml
Munro Glucose D 175g
Mebo Ointment 15g
Out of stock
Mycota Cream
Steri-tin Tulle 1 piece
Neobacin Powder 5g
Ankle Support Size L LP
Scholl Corn Foam Cushions
Pressure Point Foam Paddling
Mycota Powder