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Feminine Care for Clean Ladies

Feminine Care is a very important aspect a lot of women and girls should take seriously. They say a healthy mind is a healthy body. This is the kind of thinking every woman should remember and when asked what they think of feeling good. A woman is the main caregiver of the family, which is why they should take their personal hygiene more seriously. A woman’s hygiene goes way past wearing deodorants and brushing your teeth. You should be able to monitor your menstrual cycle and know when that time is where. Do not wait for the last minute before you start to look for where to buy menstrual pads, towels and tampons. Nkataa has made this easy for you, this section has all the feminine products you need for that week and the entire month. Whatever your personal routine is, we have available right here, various menstrual pads, tampons and even intimate wipes for you.

Lady Care Products On Nkataa

Feminine Care says a lot about you and you shouldn’t give people the wrong idea. You should smell good and feel good all day, no exception whatsoever. You will discover that the products here are of top most quality and yet still very affordable. Your body's a temple so what you use on it should be of top standard and not just bought anywhere. Often times, ladies find it difficult to get all the products they need to take care of their bodily hygiene, but Nkataa has a solution for this challenge by providing a variety of products even including intimate feminine wash at the best prices. It’s time for ladies to start taking matters of their hygiene into their own hands by simply picking out whatever they need from this very diverse list of products. Buy your best quality feminine care and hygiene products from this section on Nkataa for the best price in Abuja – Nigeria.

Kotex Maxi Night Time 10 Pads
Tampax Tampon (20 pieces) - Super
Lady Care Pads Premium
Tampax Tampon (10 pieces) - Super
Out of stock
Bodyform Ultra Normal With Wings 12
Out of stock
New Comfit Pad
Feminine intimate wash 200ml
Out of stock
Nightingale Underpads
Femfresh Soap Free Wash
Feminax Ultra Max Strength
Kotex Maxi Super (x16)