Where To Get Female Products in Nigeria

Female Personal Care is a section that was specially designed for women to help tend to whatever they desire for their personal upkeep. A woman is expected to always be looking clean, proper and presentable. Nkataa knows how serious men and other women take this, which is why we have compiled the best set of products women need to remain beautiful, clean and flawless. People say women are indecisive, the real statement is that women know what they want but just have not found a place where they can do all this and get all things at the same time. At Nkataa we have a saying, take care of your skin and every other part of your body would follow. Dermatologist have recommended that everybody's skin needs a little TLC (Tender Love & Care) to stay healthy and fresh. Here at Nkataa, we advise our customers to come up with their own personal skin care routine that works for them. There are tons of external factors that can directly affect our skin -- the environment, health, nutrition and lots more.

Female Personal Care Products On Nkataa

The Female Personal Care section has got the best products of the best brands, just for you. You would discover we have the best set of body sprays and deodorants, feminine intimate wipes and feminine washing gel. Tampax, menstrual pads and panty liners. Sometimes it feels like you can’t really decide what you really need and what is just a waste of your naira notes. That is where we come in, this section is a one-stop shop for all your needs. When it is about that time, every woman needs enough supple of Cortex Maxi Pads or Always at home and in your handbag. Do not wait till the last minute to purchase all those things that make you a beautiful woman. Buy all your female personal care products on Nkataa for the best price in Abuja – Nigeria.

FemFresh Ultimate Care
Kotex Maxi Night Time 10 Pads
Tampax Tampon (20 pieces) - Super
Lady Care Pads Premium
Rexona Women Invisible Aqua
Out of stock
Shea Origin Shea Butter Soap
Tampax Tampon (10 pieces) - Super
Out of stock
Bodyform Ultra Normal With Wings 12
Out of stock
New Comfit Pad
Bio Blend Moringa Oil (118ml)