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Chicken Franks commonly called sausage or hot dog in Nigeria. LOL. Really, who even says Chicken Frank? Honestly, Nigeria should have its own official English language, we are the only ones that understand ourselves. Back to the matter, Chicken Franks! In simple terms, chicken franks are just chicken ground with spices, flavouring & preservatives. What we call the “skin” in Nigeria, i.e what the mixture is put in is a natural cast. Unlike the beef sausage, chicken franks have less oil content. They are considered a low-calorie food although it is considered a medium-energy-dense food so you tend to eat more. Just like chicken it is rich in protein and iron. Chicken Frank is high in both fat and saturated fat so even though you crave it all the time (we know!) eat it with ‘home training.’ Chicken Franks can be eaten or prepared in a lot of ways. They could be boiled, grilled, fried, steamed, broiled, baked, or even microwaved. We can all agree that they are literally in almost everything. From rice to stew, salads, sauces, hot dogs, shawarma, pizza, egg, spaghetti and even beans. There’s a long list of all the meals Chicken franks can be included in. This is why it's a must-have in everyone's fridge.

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