Frozen Fish & Seafood

Where to Buy Frozen Fish & Seafood Online?

Frozen Fish & Seafood is widely consumed these days by almost anyone and everyone. Very rich in protein and various other essential nutrients, seafood in general is a must; especially for children. Frozen fish is on a large demand now as it drastically lowers the effect transportation of these products have on the environment. The idea of seafood been frozen has aided in the supply of fish all year around, it can be stored still it is needed for sale or consumption. Frozen fish and seafood are even of superior quality so you really need to base your purchase on actual product quality. On Nkataa, we always give you the opportunity to pick from a large variety of products and we have done the same in this section. When it comes to fish, you can decide to buy frozen smoked mackerel, shiny nose fish, croaker (fish, steak and fillets) and sole fish fillets. All these fish items can be ordered in different quantities (carton or single) and some can even be cut in pieces for you.

Frozen Fish & Seafood on Nkataa

Seafood is also of abundance in this section. Whether you are looking for one single kind of a pack of mixed seafood, we have got you covered. We offer you very diverse and scarce products like frozen crabs, periwinkles and snails. Very rich in protein, you can be guaranteed that not only do you have something tasty and meaty to eat, you are also sure of been satisfied nutritionally. Other seafood available include package Sirella products – Shrimps (middle, large, jumbo and super jumbo), fish fillets, fish burgers, food cocktail, shrimp spring rolls and dumplings. For those that love the big stuff, we also have a range of medium and jumbo sized prawns for your enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Buy Frozen Fish & Seafood on Nkataa for the best bargain prices anywhere in Nigeria. Order now and we will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Abuja.

Lashbell Smoked Catfish (500g)
Croaker Fish (Half Carton)
Frozen Crab
Out of stock
Sirella Supreme Shrimps 400g
Sirella Tempura Shrimps 250g
Sirella Sea Food Cocktail 400g
  • Save 7%
Sayed Farms Chicken Laps
1,450.00 1,350.00
Out of stock
Sayed Farms Chicken Breast
Out of stock
Medium Prawns 500g
Shiny Nose Fish (1kg)
Out of stock
Shrimps (200g)
Shrimps (500g)
  • Save 6%
Shrimps (1kg)
4,800.00 4,500.00
Jumbo Peeled Prawns 500g
Jumbo Peeled Prawns (1kg)
Sole Fish Fillets 1kg
Croaker Fillets 1kg
Croaker Steaks
Out of stock
Snail (4 Small Pieces)
  • Save 20%
Snail (4 Large Pieces)
5,000.00 4,000.00