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Where to get Frozen Chips, Potatoes & Onion rings Online?

Frozen Chips, Potatoes & Onion rings have generally made life easier for everyone. It saves you the stress of first visiting the market even before slicing up the potatoes to fry; with these products, you save yourself over an hour which you could use for other useful things. Nkataa is all about your convenience and that’s why we offer you this super time saving option. In 3 easy steps, you are ready for eat – pop open the bag, thrown in fry pan and in minutes you are munching away on this crunchy yummy chips. Frozen chips are easy to store before and after use, they also make it easy for you to control food portions. All you have to do is take a moderate quantity and store the rest back in the freezer. If you don’t like slicing onions; the frozen onion rings available to you online will be a lifesaver. Select, click and we will deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Abuja.

Get Nutritious Frozen Chips, Potatoes & Onion rings on Nkataa

Frozen chips and potatoes is currently one of the most popular fast food among youths and elderly people too. Made from potatoes, these frozen chips are very rich in fiber. Very regular consumption of fiber is advised as it lowers the risk of constipation and ensures smooth movement in the bowels. Other nutrients found in frozen fries include potassium and Vitamin B6. Freezer fries or frozen chips come in very handy when you plan to prepare a homemade meal for the house. In case you are a little lost on how to fry frozen chips, let us put you through real quick. Ensure chips are frozen and preheat oil for about 5 minutes; spread your freezer chips into the hot pan and make sure they are evenly distributed and fry for about 10 -15 minutes. To maintain the crisp and crunchy nature, frozen chips should be probably sealed and stored back in a freezer with temperatures averaging about -18 degree Celsius.