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Banana, the fruit of the wise man. Oh, that is the actual translation of its scientific name Musa Sapientum. Bananas are highly rich in Vitamin B and contains moderate amounts of Vitamin C, Manganese, and Dietary fiber. The freshness, softness, and sweetness of banana make it irresistible. It's even enjoyed by babies due to how soft it is and the fact that its seeds are edible and small sized. Honestly, Bananas are aesthetically pleasing whether it's the green, red or yellow one. Bananas are not just rich in nutrients alone, they have several other uses. Lets go bananas with this! Did you know that Bananas could make you happier and improve your mood? It contains tryptophan, a protein type that converts into serotonin which is known to promote relaxation and improve mood. Itchy mosquito bites? The insides of the banana skin can soothe the itch, simply rub it over the bite area. Bananas provide a fast energy boost in a natural, nutritious and easily digestible form with no fat, cholesterol or sodium. So we guess it's perfect when you need that quick energy boost. Out of shoe polish, look no further, the insides of a banana skin can be used as a shoe polish.

At Nkataa, we stock fresh and ripe bananas just for you. We all need our daily dose of vitamins and energy in the form of bananas! And going to the market, coupled with busy schedules could be a bit stressful. Nkataa is here for you and we will deliver fresh bananas to you anywhere in Abuja. We love how bananas are perfect for smoothies and waffles! Healthy sweet tooth? Guilty! Have you tried Banana bread, it's a really healthy option. One of our favourite things to eat with banana is groundnut, a good old Nigerian fave. Try all these with our bananas.

We can happily sing take banana till you go yo!

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