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Fresh food in now available online on Nkataa. You can select from our wide range of fresh food, vegetables, breads, meat and poultry products. Our fruits include a wide variety of even pear, oranges, soursop, avocado, coconut, pawpaw, plum and more that you may not find in your local market. We also have various vegetables like celery, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, savoy cabbage, coriander, shallot onions and more. We have various kinds of breads, meat and fish too. Make your meals more interesting and choose to live a healthy life by shopping for your fresh food and fruits on Nkataa; Nigeria's online supermarket.

Buy Fresh Food On Nkataa

Discover fresh food online at Nkataa at the best price in Abuja. Fresh food is better than processed food as it contain no harmful chemicals or any additive that might be harmful to your health. It’s a bit worrisome that our busy lives and hectic work schedule prevent us from eating fresh and natural food. We fill our cupboard with canned and processed food that are harmful to our health. We blame our inability to eat well on the fact that we are busy with work, and don’t have the time to go to the market. At Nkataa, we have various kinds of fresh food items that you will find in the open market online. Shop for your Pepper, Tomato, Irish Potato, Carrot, Crayfish, Yoghurt, Bread, Buns, Strawberry, Sweet Potato and more online and enjoy the best prices. You can place orders for your fresh fruits and vegetables from your car, home and office and we will deliver the same day. With us, all your worries are over, we will take perfect care of all your fresh food at the click of the button.

Frozen Blueberries 500g
Grape (1kg)
Irish Potatoes (Basket)
Slimtooth Banana Loaf
Slimtooth Coconut Loaf
Out of stock
Slimtooth Blueberry Loaf
Out of stock
Imperial Fruit Bread
Imperial Sliced White Bread
Imperial Burger Buns
Grand Square Sliced White Bread
Out of stock
Onions (Quarter Basket)
Butternut Squash (1kg)
Out of stock
Shebah Premium Tomatoes (1kg)
Out of stock
Shebah Premium Sweet Pepper (1kg)
Out of stock
Diet Deli Plain Banana Bread
Out of stock
Diet Deli Blueberry Banana Bread
Diet Deli Almond Banana Bread
Fresh Curry Leaves (Portion)