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Tinned Tomato & Puree are a must have for every kitchen. As a matter of fact, it is something that should be stocked up in large quantities to ensure that there are no excuses why that pot of stew shouldn't be as tasty as it was last week. Tinned tomatoes or canned as some people call it, makes it time saving and way more convenient to make that soup effortlessly. These tomato products are sliced then sealed in a can after heat processing. Available in various forms, canned tomatoes can be whole peeled, packed in juice (puree), and grounded. The main method to differentiate all of these is the taste. What they all have in common is their kitchen-ready nature.

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Tomato puree is made by the heating and straining of tomatoes. It has an attribute over the other form of paste and that is its thickness. When tomatoes are ripe, they are hand harvested and thoroughly washed. After washing, the stem and leaves are carefully removed. The skin can also be removed, depending on preference. The remaining fresh part of the fruit is mashed or chopped to the company's consistency. All this ends with the final product being transferred into cans along with little salt. These cans are sealed, heated to sterilize the tin and content. It's this sterilization process that actually cooks the tomato paste / puree. These canned tomatoes and puree can be used to prepare stews, soups, spaghetti sauces and much more. Every woman needs tomatoes in her kitchen and it's indispensable. To add that extra taste and mouthwatering sweetness to your meals, you know what to do. Nkataa offers you various kinds and sizes of tinned tomatoes from trusted brands. Make your meals even tastier and leave your family and friends wanting more by adding these into your shopping cart. Buy tinned tomato and puree on Nkataa for the best prices available in Abuja - Nigeria.