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Where to get Tins, Cans & Sachets Online in Abuja?

Tins & Cans are one of those essentials you find in every kitchen food cupboard. Imagine all the precious time you save yourself and how stress-free it is popping open that can food and diving straight into that meal you want to make. Nkataa is the king of tins and cans, we are stocked up on the largest variety of food products. Canned tomato, sardines, tuna steak, tuna fish, mackerel fillets, corned beef, baked beans, peas, sweet corn, cashew nuts and green olives; we have got it all and more. Canned food is gradually becoming Nigeria’s most affordable and available source of quality nutrition. Contrary to popular belief, tin products ensure that food retain their long-term quality and last through to the expiration date. Cans act as a barrier against light – in most cases, tinned products contribute way more healthy nutrients than cooked or frozen food.

Tins & Cans Foods On Nkataa

Tins & Cans are also the best way to store food. Olives, Tomato sauce, mixed vegetables, mushrooms, sardines, corned beef and a lot of others can be purchased right here. Titus Sardines, probably one of the most common can food product in Nigeria is a good example of this. Sardines are known to help prevent cancer and heart disease, it further helps in strengthening the bone, enhancing the immune system and rejuvenation of skin and hair. Sardines also play a very important role against diabetes; some people have developed a resistance to insulin, sardines has been proven to have certain effects that reduce the resistance nature of insulin. Just like other can food products, canned sardines should be stored in a cool place and ensure you check the best before date inscribed on the can. Get the best items and groceries for your kitchen online at Nkataa.com right from the comfort of your home while you shop online.

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Titus Sardine (125g)
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Gino Tomato Paste (210g)
350.00 310.00
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Heinz Baked Beans (415g)
470.00 450.00
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Heinz Baked Beans (200g)
340.00 250.00
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Aya (Tiger Nuts) 500g
Gino Tinned Tomatoes (210g)
Gino Tomato Paste (400g)
Dangote Salt 1kg
Moin Moin Expresso
Princes Hotdogs 400g
Trio Tuna Chunks in Water 170g
Princes Corned Beef 200g
Emma Coconut Milk Powder 50g
Heinz Tomato Paste 70g
Gino Tomato Paste 70g