Semo & Poundo Flour

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Semo & Poundo Yam are two of Nigeria’s most popular swallow meals. Eaten by every tribe, religion and even social class, these meals are richly satisfying and give maximum satisfaction each time it’s consumed. Semo also known as Semolina or Semovita, depending on the brand; seems to the best thing created since slice bread. Semo comes in purified wheat form that is also the same source for pasta, cereals, puddings and even couscous. A lot people do not know this but the word semolina actually comes from an Italian word meaning bran. At Nkataa, we are fully stocked up on the best Semo brands that are just perfect for you and your family. Blending perfectly with soup or even stew, semo has become a national meal and can be enjoyed over and over again. Semo comes in bags of different sizes, so you can decide if you want to buy for just yourself or for you and an entire household.

Semo & Poundo Yam On Nkataa

Poundo Yam is a very special food product made from yam tubers. Popularly eaten all over Nigeria, the powdered form of yam has made life easy for all lovers of pounded yam. When mixed with boiling water, what you get is a snow like, smooth, heavy and tasty ball of yumminess. Mostly regarded as a prestigious meal or a food for big occasions. It is very simple and time saving. Instead of spending time to cut up the yams, slice, wash and boil; before even stressing yourself to pound, you could have this meal ready and done eating in all that time wasted. Very straightforward, sprinkle your poundo yam flour into a pot of boiling water and stir till you get your preferred texture. Allow to cook for a few more minutes; and food is ready to go with that amazing bowl of soup. Buy Semo & Poundo yam on Nkataa for the best prices anywhere in Abuja – Nigeria.