Cassava Flour

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Cassava Flour is gotten from cassava, also known as manioc. It is a special starch-tuber plant that is usually sweet, chewy and edible. It is a very common meal in Africa, South America and Asia. The staple meal is extremely rich in carbohydrate and serves a food for millions of people all over the world. The health benefits of cassava are numerous and plays a very major role on how our bodies work. Research conducted has shown that this plant contains more calories than any other food out there. Its richness in carbohydrate accounts for its very low level of fats and proteins; however, it is still contains more protein than other foods in its family. Fibre, which is also a special kind of carbohydrate is high in cassava. We all know how important fibre is to the body, it helps lower blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, reduces risk of obesity and even controls the level of sugar in the body.

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Cassava flour is gotten by simply blending cassava into powder form. This can now be converted to numerous other forms. You will discover on this page that you can buy Ijebu garri, yellow garri and white garri. All a product of cassava, this various flours can be used to make different Nigerian meals. You can eat by just adding water and sugar (groundnuts too) or if you want something heavier, you can make eba (hot water and garri). These are standard meals that are enjoyed my Nigerians and other people worldwide. These various forms of cassava flour can also be purchased in various quantities. You can decide to buy in mudu, half bag or an entire full bag, this depends on how much you and your family desire. Boost your carbohydrate level now and order for your favourite types of garri from the cassava flour section on Nkataa. We guarantee you the best prices in Abuja – Nigeria.