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Swallow is what we Africans refer to as meals that are moulded with hot water and eaten with soup. This is a very common combination in this part of the world and has begun to spread far and wide into foreign countries all over. Swallow is usually very rich in carbohydrate and is one of those heavy meals that you can have for lunch or dinner. Nkataa has a large variety of flours that can be converted to swallow and enjoyed by you and your family. You will discover that we have available yam flour, semovita, whole wheat meal, semolina, garri, poundo yam flour and lots more. Depending on your preference, you can pick any of these and order some soup from Nkataa you have a complete meal that is both nutritious and delicious. Although all the swallow meals are made from these flour, some of them are still a little bit different from each other.

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Swallow containing cassava flour (garri), is extremely rich in carbohydrate. Fibre, which is also a special kind of carbohydrate is high in cassava. We all know how important fibre is to the body, it helps lower blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, reduces risk of obesity and even controls the level of sugar in the body. Swallow made from whole wheat meal on the other hand contains way less carbohydrates but about the same amount of fibre and other vitamins and minerals. So if you are watching your weight, you should stay off the cassava flour and opt for the wheat based swallow flours. Poundo on the other hand is simply an extract of yam, the powder is simply mixed with hot water to give you a pounded yam kind of swallow. For your best flours for swallow, order now from this section and get the best prices in Abuja – Nigeria.

Ijebu Garri (Mudu) 850g
  • Save 9%
White Garri (Mudu) 850g
550.00 500.00
Ayoola Poundo Yam (0.9kg)
Akpu (Fufu)
Golden Penny Semovita (2kg)
  • Save 11%
Golden Penny Semovita (1kg)
450.00 400.00
  • Save 13%
Honeywell Whole Wheat Meal (2kg)
800.00 700.00
Ayoola Plantain Flour (0.9kg)
Honeywell Semolina (1kg)
Honeywell Semolina (2kg)
Ayoola Poundo Yam (1.8kg)
  • Save 20%
Honeywell Whole Wheat Meal (1kg)
500.00 400.00
Elkris Super Oat
Golden Penny Semovita (10kg)
Mrs O Cocoyam Flour (100g)
Mrs O Plantain Flour (1kg)
Out of stock
Yellow Garri (Half Bag)
Honeywell Whole Wheat Meal (10kg)
Yellow Garri (Bag)
White Garri (Half Bag)
White Garri (bag)