Jams, Sweet & Savoury Spreads

Where to Buy Jams, Sweet & Savoury Spreads Online

Jams, Sweet & Savoury Spreads are what are a commonly used during breakfast with other food like breads. These spreads include jams, peanut butter, cheese, marmalade, chocolate spread and butter. Every household no matter how small must ensure your kitchen cabinet and fridge is fully stocked up on all these breakfast essentials. Take Jam for example, is very low in sodium, fats, calories and contain absolutely no cholesterol at all. Jam is also a very vital nutrient source for Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium and fiber. Most people don’t know but jams play a major role in the rate at which cuts and wounds heal, they also supply energy to the body and drastically lower blood pressure too. Another very healthy spread is cheese. Cheese is known to contain nutrients like protein, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin A and B12. The richness of protein in cheese makes it serve as a major component for the formation of strong bones and muscles.

Jams, Sweet & Savoury Spreads on Nkataa

Jams, Sweet & Savoury Spreads have over time formed a partnership with bread that it is almost impossible for anyone to think about bread without any of these spreads. Just like swallow is to soup; so bread is to butter, jam, cheese and even peanut butter. Because Nkataa knows you like the ability to pick from a variety of products, we have ensure this section is fully stocked up on the best local and foreign jams and savoury spreads. You can buy Nellies Zobo Jam, Sunpat and trio peanut butter, Philadelphia cheese, Nutella and Blue Band. When it comes to jam, we have every Hartley’s flavor you can imagine in your head – damson, olde English marmalade, no bits raspberry and strawberry, bramble jelly, black cherry, blackcurrant, apricot and the list goes on and on. Go online today and start enjoying the best shopping experience ever on Nkataa.

Nutella (350g)
Blue Band Spread (250g)
Blue Band, Original (450g)
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Blue Band Original (250g)
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  • Save 18%
Laser Honey 500g
2,200.00 1,800.00
Blue Band Spread (900g)
Blue Band Spread (450g)
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Stute Diabetic Jam
1,000.00 600.00
Sehai Pure Honey 400g
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Blue Band Spread (75g)
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Bama Real Mayonnaise 236ml
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Uwa Earth Smooth Cashew Butter 340g
3,000.00 2,090.00
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Bonita's Treats Coconut Cashew Butter
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Bonita's Treats Coconut Cashew Butter 195g
3,700.00 3,500.00