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Rice & Noodles are probably the most eaten meals in the world. However, there are different kinds of rice and noodles. The advantage of rice is that it is a perfect match for almost any kind of topping. You can enjoy rice with gbanga, stew, vegetable stir fry, and chicken broth and so on and so forth. Known as one of the oldest cereals in the universe, rice exist in different colours and sizes. Rice and noodles are one of the richest sources of complex carbohydrates and tons of other nutrients. If you are looking for a good source of energy, rice is what you should be feeding on. Good news for people with diabetes too, the starch present in rice is low compared to other foods, hence it is also something diabetics can eat freely without fearing the consequences.

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Rice and noodles are universal foods. It is almost impossible to attend a party and not see a least one kind of cooked rice being served to the guests. The brands of rice Nkataa offers you include basmati rice, long grain rice, ofada rice and parboiled rice. You would discover that you can buy rice in bulk or small portions. There are different sized bags ranging from a mudu to 50 kg bags. Eating rice regularly has been proved to help the body fight diseases. Brown rice for example is extremely rich in fibre and it helps the body prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Noodles are very similar to rice. The added advantage is that is takes less time to cook. Stock up your kitchen cabinet with the best brands of rice and noodles and never have to worry about going hungry. Visit this section to buy top quality rice and noodles for the best price in Abuja – Nigeria.

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Rice (Mudu) 1.3kg
750.00 650.00
Golden Penny Couscous
Royal Stallion Rice 10kg
Caprice 25kg
Royal Stallion Rice (25kg)
Mama Gold Rice 25kg
Mama Gold Rice 50kg
Lal Qilla Basmati Rice 5kg
Caprice (50kg)
Royal Stallion Rice (50kg)
Fit & Active Brown Rice 397g
TRS Puffed Rice 200g
TRS Rice Flakes (Pawa) 300g