Frozen Egusi Soup 1L

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Frozen Egusi Soup is ideal for anyone that barely has time to cook and wants that special home-made meal that makes you fall in love with African cuisine all over again. The Egusi is a 1 liter bowl filled with all the necessary ingredients that makes you lick your fingers every time you have a taste. The ingredients involved in making this tasty and rich bowl of egusi, is what makes it stand out. The way it is stirred, boiled and even seasoned, contributes to its sweetness. The Pumpkin seeds (egusi) used are hand picked, the pumpkin leaves (ugu) are freshly harvested and perfectly sliced to blend with the palm oil and fresh pepper. Beef and dry fish are also added to the mix give you a protein filled culinary delight.

Frozen Egusi Soup is rich in nutrients and covers almost every essential nutrient needed by the body. The protein gotten from pumpkin seeds is really high, equivalent to that of other protein foods like soybeans. Pumpkin seeds are also a rich source for Omega 6 Fatty acids, also known as ‰Û÷essential fatty acids‰Ûª and fiber ‰ÛÒ compared to vegetables, egusi holds more fiber content at a staggering 12%. Egusi soup is perfect to go with any swallow. Pounded yam, eba (garri), semo, wheat ‰ÛÒ whatever it is, you can enjoy this delectable bowl of soup with you meal. Stored in an environmental health friendly container, you can directly place in a microwave and warm. The 1 liter quantity is perfect for 3 people. If it is just you, you can take what you need and put back into the freezer. When you buy frozen pumpkin soup from us, you can be assured that it has been prepared and stored under very strict clean and healthy conditions.

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