Where To Buy yoghurt Online in Nigeria?

Yoghurt is that thick custard-like food prepared from milk that has been curdled by bacteria, often sweetened and flavored with sweeteners or chocolate. It is a strong source of calcium, potassium, proteins, vitamins and minerals for its calories. Yoghurt is a cultured milk product that is fermented and thickened by the action of specific lactic acid-producing cultures added to milk. The lactic acid produced by the culture coagulates the milk protein, thickening the milk and adding the characteristic sour flavor. The benefits of yogurt are numerous. Say yes to yogurt because they make your skin smooth, they sooth your stomach, when applied to the face it exfoliates the top layers of the skin, which can clear up blemishes and discolorations, and may even reduce fine wrinkles. Yogurt can be used to polish brass to give it that new and shiny look. Let the creamy stuff ease your tummy troubles, it is a digestive aid because it contains beneficial bacteria that balance the microflora in your gut keeping you regular and relaxed at all times. Another good reason to love yogurt is because it helps you lower the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Fresh Yoghurt On Nkataa

Yoghurt can be enjoyed in different ways, it is a fun food to eat. You can dip it, spread it, freeze it, add fruit to it or eat it plain. Enjoy a mid-day snack by blending yogurt, fruit and ice to make a delicious smoothie, Dip raw vegetables in plain yogurt, Use yogurt for salad dressing and dips. Yogurt is also a very kid-friendly food. You can have children make fruit kebabs with vanilla yogurt dipping sauce for a quick and fun snack! On Nkataa you can buy some of the best yogurt brands such as Habib yoghurt, Santi yoghurt or the Hollandia yoghurt at the most affordable price in Abuja – Nigeria. No need to stress about how they will get to you because we will have them delivered right at your doorstep.