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Cheese is a very rich food product gotten from milk. It can be produced into different textures, flavours and shapes. Right from the beginning of time, cheese has been a very essential part of the human diet. Apart from the very unique and yummy taste, cheese is also a very importantly rich source of nutrients and minerals. Also known to come in different colors (yellow, white and even green), cheese can also be soft or hard. Cheese is very versatile, meaning it can be served as a side dish or just eaten on its own. With over 300 varieties of cheese, Nkataa is ready to blow your mind away with a large collection of cheese. Very rich in protein, just one slice of cheddar cheese holds about 6.7g of protein; that is equivalent to a tall glass of milk.

Cheddar Cheese Online on Nkataa

Cheese contains fat, but the amount of fat is totally dependent on the type of cheese. Cheese has been used for years as a spread bread. Apart from being a bread spread cheese can also be used for baking your favourite cakes and other delicious snacks. Cheese contains calcium (bone health), Vitamin B12 (function of nervous system) and tons of other essential body functions are kept at their optimum best by cheese. For people that are lactose intolerant, cheeses like cheddar and Swiss contain little on lactose at all and are very well tolerated. Nkataa offers you a wide selection of cheese at very affordable prices. You can order President Cheese (light, alvita processed, cheddar and more), You can also buy shredded cheese and mozzarella block cheese right here. From the comfort of your office computer or smartphone, you can get your favourite cheese brands, here at Nkataa and have them delivered right at your doorstep. Buy Cheese from Nkataa at the best price anywhere in Abuja – Nigeria.