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Cooking Ingredients are like every woman’s best friend in the kitchen. Definitely the most important part of any meal, combine in the right combination and you can create a culinary masterpiece that would leave anyone that eats your food speechless by the unique and delicate taste. It is quick, easy, fresh and healthy as long as you get it from Nkataa. The ingredients you can buy here range from the most organic products to high flavored cooking accessories. With items in this section, the only problem you are going to have in the kitchen is more recipes to cook. The first step to good cooking is to make sure your kitchen is filled with the right group of ingredients that ensure your meals are healthy and quick to make.

Cooking Ingredients On Nkataa

Cooking Ingredients available online include cubed spices (Knorr, Maggi, Royco), you can also decide if you want to buy these in crayfish, chicken or beef flavors. The African woman is known for her tasty meals with the right powdered spices, i.e. Spice Supreme (parsley, thyme leaves, garlic powder and a long list of others); Ducros, achi, Cameroon pepper. We also offer you the best in premium cooking oils, no matter the size you are searching for, you can get exactly what you need right here. You can buy extra virgin olive oil and plain olive oil, sunflower oil, grand pure soya oil, Wesson vegetable and palm oil. Our variety of ingredients even gives you a large choice of cooking and table salts. What meal are you thinking of right now? Whatever it is, whatever ingredient you are searching for, local or international; this is your one stop shop for all of that. You never again have to visit various shops to pick up different materials for one meal. You can buy all your cooking ingredients in one place from Nkataa for the best prices anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Save 25%
Blended Egusi
200.00 150.00
Smoked Titus Fish
  • Save 6%
Crayfish (Blended)
1,600.00 1,500.00
  • Save 7%
Knorr Cubes (50x8g)
700.00 650.00
  • Save 5%
Yellow Garri (Mudu) 850g
580.00 550.00
  • Save 8%
Dry Fish (Medium) (160g)
600.00 550.00
Palm Oil Bottle (aprx 1.5l)
  • Save 7%
Blended Ogbono
700.00 650.00
  • Save 12%
Cameroon Pepper (Grounded)
170.00 150.00
  • Save 12%
Locust Bean (Iru)
170.00 150.00
  • Save 20%
Dangote Salt (500g)
100.00 80.00
  • Save 23%
Stockfish (Apama) Head with Ear
650.00 500.00
Ducros, Curry Powder
Power Oil (750ml)
Spice Supreme, Curry Powder
Spice Supreme, Thyme Leaves
Spice Supreme, Garlic Powder
Laser Pomace Olive Oil (1L)
Power Oil (3Ltr)
Maggi Chicken Powder 450g
Royco Beef (4g x 100)