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Mars, Incorporated is one of the biggest confectionery producing brand in the world and has under its name one of the best chocolates the world has ever witnessed. Mars, Incorporated is credited with the creation of confectionery masterpieces like Galaxy, Bounty, Snickers etc. The chocolates by the brand has left a big sweet mark on the globe. Celebration took birth out of a very novel idea in the year 1997 when for the first time a brand instead of creating new chocolates took the already famous chocolates and put them together. Celebrations 380g is a combination of all the favourite chocolates created by the brand which was loved dearly by the people like- Galaxy, Snickers, Milk Way and bounty in miniature sizes put together in a convenient, easy-to-carry pack. Celebrations 380g is synonymously connected to moments of mutual joy, happiness and celebration and hence it is perfect for stirring in the extra bit of sweetness in someoneĀ‰'s celebration by gifting them Celebrations 380g.

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