Bubez Pap Strawberry, White Corn, Guinea Corn and Millet

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Bubez Pap is the new king of Pap (akamu). Known by many names in Nigeria -- ogi, akamu, pap; is consumed nationwide and even all over the globe by all people, regardless of your age, social class, religion and diet. Akamu is a meal that can be eaten with a long list of other food items, a few of those are -- moi-moi, beans, plantain, akara and other weird combinations that we won't like to mention here. Pap is gotten from the extraction of corn and additives can be added depending on your preference. Bubez Pap has brought a new level of diversity to the akamu world. This specially made pap (Bubez) comes in 11 different variations. Each one is as tasty and nutritional as the next. Bubez pap is available in millet, millet & ginger, white corn, white corn & ginger, yellow corn, yellow corn with guinea corn & millet & soybean, yellow & ginger, yellow corn with guinea corn & millet & groundnut, guinea corn & millet, strawberry flavor with white corn & guinea corn & millet and guinea corn with millet & ginger.

Bubez pap is very safe for babies too. As long as it is store properly in your freezer, this akamu is safe for consumption anytime you feel the urge. The major component in pap, corn is also very healthy for humans. If there was a specific drug for the heart, it would be corn. It is natural with no additives. The potassium found in corn is known to be a nutrient that greatly reduces blood pressure; in other words, Bubez Pap comes highly recommended for people with hypertension and high blood pressure. If you are a nursing mother, akamu should be part of your diet daily. It contains a lot of water which enhances the flow of breast milk.

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