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Where to buy Biscuits, Chocolate & Crisps Online?

Biscuits, Chocolate & Crisps section on Nkataa is like a dream come true for anyone who has a sweet tooth and is looking for the best spot to get all the goodies their mouths can consume. This section on Nkataa is a combination of the best selection of biscuits and chocolates of today and from way back in time. You can buy classics like Oxford cabin biscuits, Yale cabin biscuits – if you attended boarding school in Nigeria, this is definitely going to bring back good memories. We all have those moments when we wake up at night and crave for something to nibble on, or you have guests over and you need to offer them something light – this section is all you really need. We know that sometimes nothing but a biscuit or sweet will do – ours on Nkataa are hard to top, ranging from chocolaty biscuits to the most sophisticated intercontinental sweets and cookies. When it comes to the assortment of chocolates we offer on Nkataa, you can bet that you are buying top quality and yummy chocolates for as little as nothing. We look at cocoa and milk in chocolates like a wine connoisseur looks at grape fruits. We make it our mission to discover and offer to you the yummiest, crunchiest and richest kinds of chocolates.

Biscuits, Chocolate & Crisps On Nkataa

Biscuits, Chocolates and Crisps is one thing we can never be short off here. Cashew nuts, popcorn, almonds, mixed nuts and chin chin are a few of the crisps available. Lovers of biscuits can pick from cream crackers, wafers, Oreo cookies and various flavors and type of Fox’s biscuits. You can also buy the sweetest sweets like Mentos, Buttermint, skittles, hubba bubba and extra chewing gum. Think of any chocolate in your head, it’s available for you to purchase. When you shop online at Nkataa; you will enjoy flexible payment options like cash on delivery and genuine products.

Jacobs Cream Crackers 200g
Oreo Cookies Double Stuff 157g
Haribo Fantasy Mix 160g
Tom Tom (Pack)
Yale Cabin Biscuit
Orbit Spearmint Gum
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  • Save 10%
Oxford Cabin Biscuit
300.00 270.00
Nellies Ugu Tortila Chips (100g)
Out of stock
Diet Deli Skinny Chin Chin
Reel Fruit Premium Cashew Nut 40g
Out of stock
Buttermint (Pack)
Out of stock