Food cupboard

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SoYummy Caramel Popcorn 55g
120 100
Knorr Cubes (50x8g)
Out of stock
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Indomie Instant Chicken Flavor 40x70g (Car...
2,300 2,000
brown beans
  • Save 10%
Brown Beans (1kg)
700 630
Out of stock
  • Save 9%
Flour (Mudu) 800g
550 500
  • Save 10%
Nestle Golden Morn Maize Cereal With Soya ...
900 810
Out of stock
  • Save 12%
Locust Bean (Iru)
170 150
Peak Milk Tin (400g)
  • Save 15%
Stockfish (Apama) Head with Ear
650 550
Dangote Salt 500g
titus sardine
  • Save 14%
Titus Sardine (125g)
350 300
  • Save 14%
Viiv Burger Buns
350 300
Out of stock
Frozen Egusi Soup 1L
Out of stock

Best food cupboard items

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Food Cupboard Online at Nkataa

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