Buy Tea for breaskfast Online in Nigeria

Tea is definitely one of the most consumed liquids in the world. If there is a special kind of tea you prefer, it really doesn’t matter because we have tea in all kind of flavours, colour and sizes. Everyone knows tea is perfect to drink in the morning and any other time of the day. When it comes to purchasing tea online, Nkataa makes sure we stock up on the best quality and flavours. We are proud to announce that we have well over 100 different kind of teas. The health benefits of tea are innumerable. Medical professionals have confirmed that drinking cups of tea daily drastically reduces your chances of suffering from a heart attack. Tea also helps prevent diabetes, protects the teeth and certain white tea have anti-ageing properties and prevent some cancers. For those that like a little spike and colour in their tea, you can count on Twinings tea. Twinings tea is available in over 10 different flavours – Mango and cinnamon, calming chamomile, cleansing fennel, lemon and ginger, cranberry and blood orange, pomegranate and raspberry and invigorating peppermint.

Healthy Tea Drink On Nkataa

Tea is great and really easy to make. Looking at the variety we have to offer, you cannot go wrong on whatever brand or type of tea you purchase. Good tea helps detoxify the body from waste and also nourishes the body. Nkataa offers you a variety of tea brands which you can select from like Lipton lemon tea, Lipton green tea, Lipton vanilla tea, Lipton hibiscus tea, top tea round bags, English breakfast tea bags, PG tips decaf, Lipton forest fruit tea, green tea and more. Your tea no longer has to be boring, because we have a variety of flavoured tea bags that you can select from. Browse this page and make a choice out of the various refreshing teas Nkataa has to offer, for the best price in Abuja – Nigeria.