Where To Buy Juice Online in Nigeria

Juices are one thing that are in abundance on Nkataa. Different flavors, taste, nutritional value, size and even packaging. We are fully stocked up on your favorite juices, both foreign and local, we are here to make sure you get all the refreshment you deserve. Usually gotten directly from fruits, juices on Nkataa a sourced from the best and most reliable brands. You can be assured of premium quality products each time you shop for juices right here. Sometimes it takes more than water to ease your thirst, a tall glass of orange juice or strawberry will always do the magic. Let us play a game, think of a fruit in your head.....we have a juice available that contains that particular fruit. Mango, apple, orange, peach, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, strawberry; I could continue and keep going till tomorrow. These juices aren't just refreshing but also very beneficial to your health.

Buy Fruit Juice On Nkataa

If you are looking for something for the kids, Nkataa also offers you the option to buy a kid's favorite - Caprisonne or Capri-Sun (Nigerian and foreign). Do you prefer freshly-pressed juices or you are more about Chivita and Five Alive? Whatever your preference is, we got both. You can order for freshly-squeezed juices like Simply Green or Nuli (detox juices), or you can fresh orange or strawberry juice. These fresh juices are 100% natural and contain an abundance of nutrients, not forgetting the very tasty and refreshing taste it leave on the tip of your tongue. If you are looking for some uncommon juices, Nkataa is the only place in Abuja where you can purchase them. Snapple, Welch’s, Stute, J20 and Mistic juice are a few juices that are very rare in the Nigerian market, but we deliver to you for as little as nothing. Buy juices on Nkataa for the best prices anywhere in Abuja - Nigeria.

Capri-Sonne Strawberry
Five Alive Pulpy (Pack of 6)
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Wapple Smoothie
Rapha 1-Day Cleanse (5 Bottles)
Rapha 3-day Cleanse (15 bottles)
Five Alive Juice, Cocopine
Fresh Pineapple Juice
Fresh Watermelon Juice
Fresh Orange Juice
Five Alive Pulpy Orange
Nuli REVIVAL 3- day cleanse
Nuli REBOOT 1-Day Cleanse
Stute Cranberry Juice 1.5ltr
Out of stock
Smoov Chapman Drink Pet 50cl
Chivita 100% Pineapple Juice 1ltr
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