Snapp Sparkling Alcoholic Apple Flavoured Drink 300ml

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Snapp Sparkling Alcoholic Apple 300ml is one of the best alcoholic flavoured drinks in the market at the moment right now. This alcoholic beverage has a very refreshing apple flavour that is bound to impress you every single time you drink it. Snapp was initially made for women, who obviously handle less alcoholic content than men can. But this drink has now slowly evolved to be a sophisticated drink for everyone. If you have style and prestige, this is the right drink for you. Give yourself a little class and buy a bottle of Snapp. The drink has a gold look that explains its exotic nature. If you want to drink something with alcohol, but not something that would get you intoxicated, this is your best choice. Snapp is broken all boundaries and stereotype that people have associated with alcohol. It is not bitter, it won‰Ûªt make your tummy fat, and you won‰Ûªt get drunk on one bottle. Snapp is just perfect for when you need alcohol in your system, but don‰Ûªt want the annoying side effects.

Snapp Sparkling Alcoholic Apple 300ml is officially the first ever apple flavoured alcoholic beverage with this unique crisp taste, perfectly suited for women and people with low alcohol tolerance. Packaged in a very attractive and 30cl bottle. The bottle is designed with a green and gold label that flaunts its flawlessness and class. The combination of class and refreshing taste, gives rise to Snapp. It all starts with one bottle and then more and more. You can never get enough of this tasty alcoholic apple drink. You can enjoy snapp with your friends and it is also great for parties and other celebrations. Get a taste of Snapp Sparkling Alcoholic Apple by purchasing now on Nkataa. You cannot get a better price anywhere else in Abuja ‰ÛÒ Nigeria.